All our Deer Stalking & hunting is carried out on a ‘one guide to one stalker’ basis. Safety is the primary concern when stalking and
importantly, should a client infringe those rules, the hunt will be terminated. Stalkers are given a full safety briefing; our guidelines are that stalkers are held, to take the shot only as and when the guide tells them to.

All clients are taken to the range for zeroing before any hunting is done to both make sure the rifle has not been affected during their journey and for us, the guides, to assess the ability of the stalker.

Deer Stalking will be carried out morning and evening. Everyone gathers in the lodge before leaving on each session, and on their return the deer will be processed and put in the chiller. Everyone can then discuss the hunt. Have a drink, and hopefully celebrate the stalk. Lunches can be had at one of the many pubs in the area and there are a large number of local attractions to visit between stalking.

Our Deer stalking and hunting takes place in a mix of arable, dairy, woodland and field in Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire. We have the stalking rights on an impressive 12,000 acres, but as stalking is carried out on a one to one basis, when parties of several hunters make a booking, other stalkers can be called in bringing the total acreage up to around 40,000 acres. Stalkers from all over the world look to Somerset & Wiltshire for trophy Roe bucks and quality stalking. The south west boasts a good population of Roe deer for you to stalk and hunt.

Hunters are of course welcome to bring their own guns. However, estate guns are available and full tuition is provided, where required.

The location for our Deer Stalking takes place in stunning countryside across several counties offering you a fantastic experience with the natural beauty of nature across varied stalking scenarios and land experiences. Whether you wish to try deer stalking for the first time, or have years of experience, we can accommodate and provide you with a friendly and professional service that is tailored exactly to your requirements. Deer stalking is carried out at dawn or dusk usually on foot or in high seats.

Many of our Deer Stalking clients return each year and one party in particular has been hunting with us for over 30 years.

Taxidermy can be arranged, Shaun does an excellent job on your trophies.

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