Lower Row Farm Deer Stalking Courses

At Lower Row Farm we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our sport and as such we are now conducting training courses throughout the year in order to up-skill any newcomers to the sport, or even give the experienced stalker the opportunity to acquire that little bit extra knowledge, that they will be able to call on throughout their stalking careers.

The courses take place over two days and includes everything from rifle safety to the detailed knowledge of ballistics, calibres, correct bullet placement and construction, deer management and visual identification of all of the UK deer species throughout the year. It also encompasses practical handling of a rifle correctly and accurately, shooting in the field and on the range.

Shaun (will be conducting your two day course),with over 40 years of deer stalking and deer management experience. Much of this experience has been gained on some of the most prestigious estates in the South West of England.

Every year we escort European stalkers to take some of the best trophy deer in the world, with most of those stalkers taking advantage of the local facilities and stunning countryside views.

Our Deer Management and rifle safety courses are recognised by local Police Constabularies and will aid any newcomer to deer stalking in lifting a restricted firearms licence. So whether you are an experienced deer stalker or a newcomer looking to start deer stalking for the first time, please give us a ring on the telephone numbers listed below, so we can advise you of our forthcoming course dates.

Shaun – Tel: 07703 826715

The Course

  • Deer species and their ‘open’ seasons
  • Deer management
  • Deer calling
  • Gralloching and transportation
  • Ballistics – calibre, muzzle energy, bullet construction
  • Bullet placement
  • Zeroing
  • Efficient rifle use
  • Angles of shot
  • Safety in the field
  • Knives and equipment